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April 2014 - Check out the new banner design we designed for "The Sheriff" Scott Parker and his Barber Shop / Tattoo Parlour.  VIEW IT HERE

April 2014 - We've recently completed several graphic designs for our friends at 4th Line Hockey.com Stay tuned to see when and where you can get one.

April 2014 - Artist Blair Webb, Creator of Ghostman Comics, has teamed up with us to create new artwork for Blunt Force Hockey. CHECK IT OUT HERE

April 2014 - If you've got a twisted sense of humor and enjoy witty one-liners, then you can now follow Bri~Guy on Twitter.  CLICK HERE

February 2014 - We've completed the new website design for

Stratford Bait & Tackle shop. Check out our work HERE

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We work with a variety of artists and 3rd party services to ensure top quality designs and products for our clients.


4th Line Reaper drawn by artist Rick Yurko